03 - Small Screening (Int'l)

$ 149.00

Public screenings of SEEDS OF TIME is the ideal way to educate your community and raise awareness around the importance of seed diversity. We encourage you to ask for a suggested donation to help recoup your costs and raise money for your local seed-saving initiative. 

Included in this Kit:


- 1 x DVD or Blu-Ray (or Digital Download) exhibition copy

- 1 x Screening License for the audience size you require

- Printed or downloadable screening guide PDF

- Access to our web site resources to organize the event, promote it, and even provide tickets!



For more information, contact: intl-screenings@seedsoftimemovie.com


*All DVDs are Stereo, NTSC, & region-free, all Blu-ray are Stereo, 1080p, 23.98 fps & region-free - please let us know if you need something special!